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Females for Sale

We are not a large breeder and are still growing our herd, but are able to release a few breeding animals from time to time. Usually this is to adjust the colour balance in the herd (because we focus on natural-coloured, undyed, fleece products) or to allow for more contribution from a particular stud in the longterm breeding plan. This page lists a variety of females currently available. If you're looking for a particular quality or colour, please ask.

Alpacas need company! Our policy is not to sell singly unless joining an existing herd.

Winterhead Katya

Katya is a maiden female, just this year ready to become a dam herself. She was bottle-fed as a cria, having lost her mother at an early age, so she tends associate people with good things! Her sire is Fowberry Morgan

A mating to either Winterhead Adric or Nero Black Ice is included if required

Date of Birth 28-July-2013
Colour Solid White
Sex Female
Price £1,500 (No VAT)

Winterhead Beverley Pippin

Beverley Pippin shows superb conformation, calm temperament and a lovely light fawn fleece. She grew strongly and confidently into adulthood and motherhood, giving birth easily to her first cria in 2016.

Beverley is currently open. The sale price includes a mating to one of our studs if required.

Date of Birth 7 Aug 2013
Colour Solid Light Fawn
Sex Female
Price £3,500 (No VAT)