Well, who’s this?

Ice demonstrates "the pose"

Nero Black Ice demonstrates “the pose”

Big news today: there’s a new Hunk just started work here!  I was feeling sorry for the group of seven lovely ladies who had apparently been left out as His Nibs (Morgan) has been ministering to another group of six, a couple of fields over.  Then today, a strange trailer pulled up and out came a large alpaca silhouette.  He looked like a moving shadow, but there is obviously more to him than that as the “ladies” were immediately all over him.  Whoever he is, he’s been thoroughly welcomed into this subset of the herd.

The welcome committee

The welcome committee

I have made enquiries. “Ice” is his name, and he’s from the Nero Black herd in Northumberland.  Apparently he was up soon after dawn to step  into the trailer, which he did willingly enough of course as there are usually lady alpacas at the other end.  This time was a rather longer journey than usual, but he stepped out at this end ready to orgle and there was the lovely Coco, hitting the floor at his feet.  What more could a stud want?  Well as it happens, he was about to find out.  After Coco’s welcome, he was led into the field to meet the rest of the ladies, who will be his harem for the next couple of weeks.  Paddock mating is a new idea for him, as opposed to pre-arranged timeslots with individuals in the pen, but I can see he’s already got the hang of it.

contented Morgan

contented Morgan

Much like Morgan, across the way.  He’s spending the last couple of weeks of the breeding season (not really a season, but the humans will put a stop to it soon just to avoid any winter births next year) with several ladies he knows rather well from previous liaisons.  “Died and gone to heaven” was I think the way he put it.

Picture the scene.  Each stud has his own territory and harem, and his own varied terrain with hillocks to pose on.  They can just about see each other, and each other’s companions, so, when they’re not otherwise engaged, this is what they do: pose to show how macho they are and say, “I’m king of this hill.”  They look very proud of themselves.

I realise I haven’t said much about Morgan lately and he has been busy, so here’s a closeup.  And here he is exchanging a chaste kiss with his baby daughter Delyth.  Isn’t that sweet?

Morgan greets his daughter Delyth

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