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For the fibre artist or artisan, there is something special about working with fleeces from your own animals. You will get to know the different qualities of each part of the fleece of each alpaca, and make your own best choices.

A small herd of three (the minimum for alpacas to feel safe, as herd animals) will allow a variety of colours, especially if some are multi-coloured.

Wethers (neutered males) are usually best for fibre as their fleece is unaffected by the stresses of pregnancy and lactation. Their cost is also likely to be a tenth that of the equivalent breeding female. We usually have some wethers available at competitive prices, in the range £450-600 depending on age and fleece quality. Please contact us for an up-to-date list.

Alpacas are understandably popular with hand-spinners, but if you just love to weave or knit, there are many mini-mills in the UK that can deal with small quantities of fleece and produce yarns to your specification.