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Flock Guards

Alpacas have strong herd instincts and will work together to protect the more vulnerable members of the herd – the heavily pregnant and the crias. An alpaca kept with sheep comes to regard them as its herd (flock), and will then take steps to see off any predator that comes near.

Not every alpaca will make a good flock guardian, but in the many cases where it works, farmers and smallholders have been able to cut their predation losses dramatically.

Two alpacas working together have been known to corner a fox and kill it, but most of the time the presence of alpacas will simply cause the fox to look elsewhere for its meal. The role of flock guardian is usually one for a pair of young, assertive wethers (geldings).

Flock guardian selection is a new area for us, but we are keen to help if we can, particularly as lambing time approaches in the hills around us. Wethers are generally available:

Please contact us for an up-to-date list.

Informational Articles

Alpacas are used as lamb protectors extensively in Australia. See this BBC article on alpacas as sheep guards. For detailed information, the Australian Alpaca Association provides this information for sheep farmers. Alpacas are currently guarding sheep on Snowdon!

Alpaca guardians are also often used to protect chickens: Local News: Alpacas used successfully to guard commercial poultry in Ruthin