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About Us

Crispin and Karen

Our herd began in 2005, with something of a career change. Having met alpacas in the USA, where we were living at the time, we began by talking to breeders and attending courses there, deciding to put alpacas at the heart of our lifestyle and of a new, sustainable business. Retiring from software engineering, we returned to the UK and settled first on a small farm on the edge of the Mendip Hills, in Somerset. The Southwest has the biggest concentration of alpaca breeders in the UK so we were fortunately placed to source some of the very best genetics available for our foundation animals and for our breeding program.

As we got to know our alpacas and as family needs changed after a few years, we made the decision to increase the herd further and to look for a larger farm! In December 2011 we brought the herd to Snowdonia (Eryri, in Welsh), to a new adventure in the mountains. You can read all about the big move in Alpaca World magazine.