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Boys (wethers) for Sale

It is strongly recommended that boys not kept for breeding are neutered. For health reasons this is usually done no earlier than 18 months of age, once the alpaca has reached mature size. This also means that his first adult fleece can be assessed before the decision is made!

We currently have just a few wethers in our "fibre boys" group, as all those born in 2014 have now been sold and 2015 was an all-female birth year. Please note that we will not sell boys singly unless they are joining an existing herd. Alpacas are herd animals and need to be in a group of at least three alpacas (or a pair of alpacas as part of a mixed-species herd/flock.)

Winterhead Benton

Benton in full fleece is a walking teddy bear, especially the ears. He has an impressive pedigree as a son of Snowmass Nova's Knight, is well grown and conformationally sound. He's a well-mannered young adult male (neutered). Fibre artists will love his super dense, rich brown fleece with lovely long staple length.

Date of Birth 27-May-2012
Colour Solid Dark Brown
Sex Wether (neutered male)
Price £600 (NO VAT)

Winterhead Jasper

As a well-grown adult gelding, Jasper would make an ideal companion animal, very possibly also a good flock guard. His fleece was very good when younger, reflecting his world-champion-quality sire, and he came within a whisker of becoming a stud himself, but instead he joined our fibre boys. Now he has matured, his fleece has coarsened to medium-fine - still lovely to work with, just not baby-soft any more! His mother is EP Cambridge Toffee Crunch, one of our founding herd members, and sire Silverstream Czar of Anzac.

Date of Birth 26-July-2010
Colour White
Sex Wether (neutered male)
Price £450 (NO VAT)

Winterhead Lethbridge

Lethbridge (named for Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart) is a well-grown boy with excellent conformation, solid frame and a lovely fine, light fawn fleece with good coverage and staple length. His personality is very confident, a natural leader, suggesting he may also be particularly effective as a flock guardian. Classical Mile End Paris is his sire, and his dam is one of our core herd, the fine, white Winterhead Sherbet Fizz.

Date of Birth 14-Aug-2012
Colour Solid Light Fawn
Sex Wether (neutered male)
Price £600 (NO VAT)

Winterhead McCrimmon

McCrimmon produces a soft medium brown fleece that will be of interest to handspinners. His sire, Van Diemen Qjori of Patou, is a well-known Australian champion and his dam is one of the matriarchs of our breeding herd, the medium fawn EP Cambridge Toffee Crunch.

Date of Birth 7-Aug-2012
Colour Solid Medium Brown
Sex Wether (neutered male)
Price £600 (NO VAT)